The Assassination of John F. Kennedy

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On Friday, November 22, 1963, as gunman Oswald triggered his rifle downward at the crowded Dealey plaza, Texas, two bullets struck Kennedy causing a fatal wound. At 1 p.m, the most accomplished president of the 20th century was pronounced dead. Though there are countless publications about his presidency, few of them had provided readers with a insightful comprehension of both sides of his presidency. Fortunately, Alan Brinkley, a historian from the University of Columbia, with his recently-published work- John F. Kennedy, provided us with a clairvoyant and explicit vision of Kennedy’s figure. The set-up of the book was generally considered a sketch of Kennedy's life consists of seven chapters representing different aspects of Kennedy's…show more content…
By the time Kennedy was assassinated, his popular approval rate remained at 70 percent and indeed collaborated Kennedy's remarkable success. In contrast to Kennedy's well-famed reputation and flawless public figure before 1963, many publications had revealed the paradoxes of Kennedy's life during the Post-Kennedy era in the late1970s. As the issue of his pathological persue of women was brought up in front of Ameripcan public, his figure became more ambivalent than ever. Mr. Brinkley gave little mention in his book, mercifully, only broad assessment of the issue without harsh criticism. Besides that, one of the most controversial issues challenged that Kennedy's victories over 1961 presidential election and 1953 Massachusetts Senate election were largely benefited by his wealthy father. Some critics went even further, describing Kennedy as a man " driven by an oppressive-compulsive need for power and recognition ". Brinkley chose to compromise between the theories and took a neutral stand-point over these issues, however, he did attempt to persuade the readers that the cause of Kennedy's now came-to-light private life decended from the effect

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