The Assassination of John F Kennedy

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The Assassination of John F Kennedy

From source B we can learn many things about JFK's assassination. We learn that JFK was hit by 2 shots the second one killing him apparently hitting from the back, into his right temple.

Source B also stated that 3 shots were fired from the sixth floor of the Texas schoolbook depository. The rifleman was named Lee Harvey
Oswald. Source B declares the assassination weapon to be a Mannlincher
- carcano rifle. Source B written by the Warren Commission states
Oswald had no accomplices. To me this seems quite unbelievable. People who knew him in the marines said he had a 'Pathetic Shot.' The gun he apparently used would not be a weapon likely to be used in an assassination attempt,
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Source F doesn't really explain that Oswald acted alone. It states he was on the Fair Play for Cuba committee and he was interested in left wing politics. Source F is meant to look like a communist conspiracy because at the time Kennedy was thought to have won a political battle over the Cuban missile crisis.

Study sources G, H, I and J

How useful are these sources in providing information to support the view that Lee Harvey Oswald was not acting alone?

These sources are useful in providing information that Oswald didn't act alone in the assassination of JFK.

Source G shows eyewitness accounts contradict the Warren report. Jean
Hill a schoolteacher said she heard 4-6 shots and there were different guns being fired, she knew this, as she was familiar to guns. Gordon
Arnold a young soldier heard a shot come from behind him, as he was standing by grassy knoll.

Source G is unreliable, as two witnesses contradicts one another.
Bonnie Williams said he ate lunch on the sixth floor and left at
12:20, he recalls nobody being there. While watching the parade Arnold
Williams said he saw a man holding a rifle with a telescopic sight at about 12:15 (on 6th floor). Arnold Williams statement seems suspicious as it should of alarmed him more.

Source H infers it was unlikely Oswald was a lone

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