The Assassination of John F Kennedy

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Assassination Like anything of importance, there is absolutely no way that everyone will ever agree on the circumstances surrounding the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The theories are as diverse as the outcomes of investigations conducted at the time of his assassination and continuing to present day. There are many who resolutely believe that Lee Harvey Oswald was a deranged lone gunman with no ties whatsoever to any other person or organization with regard to Kennedy's murder. In fact, this group is able to cite some compelling evidence to support this viewpoint. Then, there are others who insist that John F. Kennedy's murder was not committed by Lee Harvey Oswald alone, but rather that it was the end result of a larger conspiracy with other individuals and or organizations involved. This group makes a compelling case as well and offers some definitive proof to support this viewpoint though there is dissention among the conspiracy theorists as to who the other conspirators were. Regardless of the theories, lone gunman, or conspiracy, there is no dispute that the assassination of John F. Kennedy has had profound implications for the United States of America. David Emerling (2008) put forth an interesting piece on YouTube which offers compelling evidence which seems to support the fact that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in shooting the American President, John F. Kennedy. In this piece, Peter Jennings is reporting for ABC regarding the Kennedy assassination

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