The Assault Commentary

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1 February 2015
In The Assault by Harry Mulisch, Anton is haunted by his past throughout his life. His past during World War II consist of witnessing losing his family. This impacts him to the extent that his choices of living life are influenced by it. From the excerpt of The Assault, Anton finally realizes what he has done, in which he notices his choices are made from neglecting his past. He sees his current family asleep and evaluates himself whether or not he should seek the truth of his past from a man named Takes, knowing that if he does, he would have a different perspective on his life.
Anton is considering if he should seek the truth of his past. His state of mind is being compared to it “cooling off,” conveying he wants to
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Therefore, Anton’s “feeling” of “dangerous confusion” makes him lack the ability to quickly make decisions in critical times.
Anton wants to undergo with his decision even though he finds it to be dangerous. Mulisch compares Anton’s approach to the truth to danger, depicting something dangerous is awaiting Anton if he approaches the truth. The audience’s reaction to this metaphor would be Anton is willing to risk his life for a new one, in which he cannot stand living a life without gaining knowledge about his past. Mulisch uses “fish” to describe how Anton gets the “paper” with Takes’ contact information. The audience sees the connotation, “fish,” is used to show Anton has made a definite decision, in which he chooses to know the truth. The “paper” Anton has “fish” will provide him answers of his past, although it may bring danger.
In conclusion, in The Assault by Mulisch, Anton makes a definite decision to search for the truth despite knowing the knowledge that he will gain will change him. He does not want to suffer anymore due to his negligence of his past, instead he desires to move on and live a new way of
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