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Stephanie Zito The Assault Memory and how it affects Anton’s character Memory is defined as “The faculty of the mind by which it retains the knowledge of previous thoughts, impressions, or events.” Memories are units of information that have impacted one’s life and are stored in the brain for years. In some cases, dramatic events may not let the brain register every single detail about a situation. This is much like Anton’s case of the winter of 1945 of the novel The Assault by Harry Mulisch. The events of that winter affected him like no other would. The loss of his mother, father and brother and the burning of his house left an impact on him but the events were so grave his brain did not allow him to remember the smaller…show more content…
She becomes some sort of a mother figure to Anton. Although Anton felt as if he could remember every word, every feeling and every scent that night in the cell, he drew a blank. Takes explains that the woman in the cell with him was one of Ploeg’s killers. This was one of those important moments in your life that is so grave you can’t allow yourself to remember. It may have been due to the fact that Anton didn’t remember, or didn’t want to remember the details that remind him of the death of his family members. After he meets Takes he meets Karen Kortweg one of the more important characters in the plot. The Kortweg’s were the ones who took Fake Ploeg’s body and dragged it in front of Anton’s family’s house, the Steenwijk residence. When meeting Karen, she finally explains the reasoning behind why she left the body in front of the Steenwijk’s house and not any of the other two neighbour’s houses. Once she goes into detail about the families and her and her father’s reasoning’s Anton begins to understand and remember the neighbourhood he grew up in and the events of that night. It is amazing how memories can be jogged by a single person, object, sound or scent. The people Anton has met and the places he revisits allow him to remember the events of his torturous past, which permit him to determine his future. Without memories people would not be able to be happy and reminisce on all the great moments

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