The Assault Of Gun Control

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Gun control has become a hot topic in the United States as of now. There will be those who are for guns and those who are against guns. Those who are for guns, assert that it is our right to bear arms according to the 2nd amendment and those who are against guns, believe that guns are unnecessary and cause more violence. Assault weapons, in particular, have caused too many deaths and the government needs to put a ban on assault weapons. First and foremost, assault weapons have claimed the lives of too many people in the world. Take a look at the Umpqua Community College, Colorado movie theater and Sandy Hook shootings. What all of those shootings have in common, is that an assault weapon was used by the perpetrator. Mass shootings like these, just show how powerful and dangerous assault weapons are. These assault weapons are claiming the lives of people ranging from children to elderly. Mass shootings are examples of how assault weapons provoke more harm and violence. However, some may notice that all of these mass shootings happened in gun free zones. Gun free zones were introduced by the Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1990. The act prohibits anyone from conceal carrying a gun in the area. Two of the examples of gun free zones were Umpqua Community College and Sandy Hook Elementary. Shootings are most likely to occur in areas where people will not shoot back at the perpetrator. The Colorado movie theater shooting happened in an area where guns were banned. If these places
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