The Assault Of Sexual Assault

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In 2014, Buzzfeed News came out with an article titled, “Sexual Assault Survivors Answer The Question “What Were You Wearing When You Were Assaulted?”, was a huge headline a couple years ago. In response, many of the survivors answered with responses such as pants and a plain t-shirt or a sweater and with sweatpants. That just shows the simplest clothes can attract a potential assaulter. For many years sexual assault has been a huge social topic amongst many individuals, especially with young females in school settings. In which many females are the ones who are blamed for being assaulted due to them wearing “provocative” attire or being in area around the wrong “timing”. In this research paper I will be arguing as to why I believe sexual assault should be taken more literal and why I believe it is wrong to blame the victim as a result of them getting sexually assaulted for something that “may” have provoked the assaulter. I will be using articles, books, and music videos to help prove my argument.

School is a place that a very young age you 're made to attend on a daily basis to get good grades and learn new subject matter to have a bright future and a fulfilling lifestyle. School is also a place where you are taught to believe that it is a safe place to be around in and that the staff and security (if there is any) are there to protect you and make you feel comfortable enough to approach them if any issue arises from within yourself or another individual. According to…

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