The Assault Of Sexual Assault

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In 2014, Buzzfeed News came out with an article titled, “Sexual Assault Survivors Answer The Question “What Were You Wearing When You Were Assaulted?”, was a huge headline a couple years ago. In response, many of the survivors answered with responses such as pants and a plain t-shirt or a sweater and with sweatpants. That just shows the simplest clothes can attract a potential assaulter. For many years sexual assault has been a huge social topic amongst many individuals, especially with young females in school settings. In which many females are the ones who are blamed for being assaulted due to them wearing “provocative” attire or being in area around the wrong “timing”. In this research paper I will be arguing as to why I believe…show more content…
He tended to molest children who came from a poor hispanic backgrounds, who did not speak english fluently. He would blindfold the students and make them swallow his own semen with a spoon or on a cookie. The kids at first were unaware of what was going on, they believed that it was a simple game that the teacher enjoyed playing often with them. In this particular case, many times the students approached other staff members confronting them of the sexual acts that teacher did and many of them would accuse them of lying and dismissed their comments. This just tells us that at a very young age starting from elementary- sexual molestation, assault, and even rape in some cases occur often and when these children are seeking out for help and telling staff of the things that are happening, the staff automatically assumes that they are lying and lets the sexual acts continue until something more severe happens then that 's when they finally begin to do something about it, when it is probably too late. So, if these children are speaking out about these sexual acts and nobody is doing anything about it, how are they suppose to trust their own teachers and staff when they are not doing anything about it.Now sexual assault not only happens to young children in school but
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