The Assault Of Sexually Assault Female Inmates

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Introduction It was very common that women are being raped by jail guards in the United States. (Armstrong, 2013). Some you may hear about, most you will never hear about, because of the lack of media coverage (Armstrong, 2013). This paper will reflect on how jail guards have the access to sexually assault female inmates every day. This paper will also reflect on where the sexual assault may occur, when the sexual assault may occur, and the vulnerability of the environment in the jails where sexual assaults can be committed to the female inmates. These assaults happen in the jail system every day, and this paper will further more help one to understand the crime itself, and how to deter this from happening as often or even at all in the female jails. The power that the guards have on female inmates when imprisoned in jails are at an all-time high. (Summer, 2007). These female inmates have to rely on these guards for several things, such as food, clothing, and different privileges, if any is available depending on their stay and what jail they stay in (Summer, 2007). Not only do female inmates have to rely on the correctional guards in the jails for different necessities and privileges, but the guards have unlimited access to these female inmates (Summer, 2007). These correctional guards have access to where the female inmates sleep, and take showers/use the restrooms, and with such access to these female inmates, and the power that these correctional guards have over these

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