The Assembly Bill 32 : Computer Crimes Introduced By Assembly Member Waldron

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The Assembly Bill 32: Computer Crimes introduced by Assembly Member Waldron, relates to the various amount of computer services that can be wrongly used without permission. The disruption of computer services include government computer services or public safety infrastructure, add, alter, damage, delete, or destroy any computer data, software, program, etc. (Waldron). Assembly Bill 32 clearly clarifies the criminal penalties for any violation and those are subjected to fines and imprisonment. This bill has been created by the advanced number of high tech computer criminals that have increased their capabilities to attack large retail stores, steal people’s identity, hacked the White House website, and even the California Department of Motor Vehicles computer system. As technology continues to advance over the years, people, businesses, and even governmental agencies have been affected by computer criminals some way or another, therefore Assembly Bill 32 attempts to enforce its proposal to ensure protection to its citizens and businesses in general either small or big corporations.
Computer crime has been a threat to society throughout the years and it has brought into question if citizens are really safe. Many types of crimes are done through a computer. There have been many laws to try and improve the safe of many citizens against computer criminals. Therefore, the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) 18 U.S. Code §1030 from the late 1900’s was created and it holds the

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