The Assembly Line Justice

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The assembly-line justice is a system in which the defendant’s rights are not rigorously protected. The system involves the defendants being rushed through the system as soon as possible. The rights of the people should be respected. (Bach pg.83) The defendant is barely capable of having the privilege of consulting with attorneys, building a defense, etc. The assembly-line’s relationship to its due process is how fast paced the process takes. The criminal justice system: the court, the prosecutor and often the defense attorney; treat the cases in a superficial way. Their strategy is reviewing basic charges and coming to an immediate conclusion on how to handle the situation. The importance of show-trials is proving what you are doing looks good, and that is law-abiding. It is important to make everyone happy. (Bach pg.193) A show-trial is a judicial trial held in public with the intention of influencing or satisfying public opinion, rather than of ensuring justice. These show trials resonate deeply with the citizenry. The media world is outrageously popular for captivating the public audience’s attention for court room related cases. An example would be TV. We’ve all came across episodes of “Law and Order.” It appears out to be “how” people think American Justice is. (Bach pg.195) The public attention of media is ranked highly and known as best. In my opinion, the most important actors in the court system was the nine African-American boys involved in the Scottsboro trial.
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