The Assembly and Components of the Boeing 727 Essay

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There are thousands of jobs performed on the Queen of the sky, the Boeing 747 also called as the jumbo jet, for its final assembly. 747 is an advanced long range airliner, it is a product of complex, demanding collaborative design process. 747 is an icon of the modern age. It is the longest airliner in the world. This system is comprised of components which are complex, independent and interacts to achieve a common goal.

The birth of the Jumbo jet in the late 1960’s heralded the modern intercontinental mass transportation. It represents the impressive results of an intensive engineering, design process and also the spirit of its era, a time when belief in progress, including access to air travel, was a phenomenal
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A number of other governments also use 747 as a VIP transport.
Military and security: YAL-1, C-33, Evergreen 747, 747 CMCA supertanker are military versions of 747. YAL-1, C-33, Evergreen 747, 747 CMCA supertanker are military versions of 747.
Scientific: SOFIA (Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy) is used in the joint venture of NASA and DLR for scientific research.
Commercial: There are a number of airliners dealing with Boeing 747 commercially for transporting passengers across the world like
a) Pan Am, b) Qantas Freight, c) Air China,
d) Air France, e) Lufthansa, f) Air Atlantic,
g) Air India, h) All Nippon Airways, i) Kenya airways,
j) Asiana Airlines, k) Korean Airlines, l) Cargolux,
m) Fly Emirates, n) Singapore Airlines, o) EVA Air,
p) Thai Airways, q) Etihad Airways, r) British Airways,
s) Atlas Air, t) Kalitta Air, u) Southern Air.
Context Diagram:

Interface Matrix:

Systems and Sub-systems:
• AC
• Entertainment
• Seating Arrangement
• Audio
• Video
• Telephone
• Cargo
• Lights
• Dining
• Rest Room
• Propeller
• Thrust
• Air Lift
Flight Control
• Main Panel
• Overhead Panel
• Pedestal
• AFT Isle Stand
• Flight Management Computer
• Sensors
• Emergency Exit
• Life Vest
• First Aid
• Seat Belt
• Oxygen Mask
• Generators
• Wiring
• Loads

• High Freq Radar
• Communication
• Weather Condition
• Altitude
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