The Assessment Data Of The Miles College Self Study

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1.1.a What did the evidence reveal about the unit continuing to meet this standard?

The assessment data included in the Miles College self-study states that candidates preparing to work in schools, know and demonstrate content knowledge, pedagogical skills and professional dispositions needed to be facilitators of learning for all students in P-12 schools (IR, p. 3).
The Professional Education Unit at Miles College prepares candidates, at the initial level, in ten Alabama State Department of Education approved program of study areas. The unit programs of study are: Biology Education, Chemistry/Chemistry Education, Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, English Language Arts Education, General Science Education, History/Social Science Education, Mathematics/Mathematics Education, Music/Music Education (Choral), and Music/Music Education (Instrumental).

Nine of the ten programs of studies that are approved as Class B programs by the Alabama State Board of Education through May 31, 2017 (Exhibits 1.3.a.1, 2.3.b.1a-c, 5.3.e.9, and 6.3.a.3). There was no documentation provided to verify the current approval status of the Music/Music Education (Choral) program LOOK ON AIMS. All ten programs matriculate to a baccalaureate degree. There is documentation for Elementary and Mathematics/Mathematics Education program that indicates that they met all of the Alabama State Standards (Exhibit 1.3.a.2). There was no documentation for the other 8 programs related to meeting
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