The Assessment Of Yakima County

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Yakima County is geographically very unique. The county is located in south central Washington State among seven neighboring counties. Its geography consists mainly of rolling foothills and fertile valleys. Agriculture is the main producer in the county’s economy and, according to the Yakima county economic profile, Yakima is the second largest county in Washington state at 2.75 million acres. Concerning health in Yakima County there are three major issues that stand out. The percentage of people without health insurance, health risk conditions, and the lack of preventative care.
The first, and most daunting issue concerning the health profile of Yakima County, in my opinion, is the percentage of people without health insurance. The number of individuals in Yakima County without health insurance is 37% as opposed to the state average of 19%. There are multiple reasons one might go without such a necessity in our County as opposed to the state average. The first is Bankruptcy. “Lack of health insurance can come about due to lack of income to pay for it, or when a breadwinner is between jobs that would otherwise provide health insurance as an employment benefit. If a major illness or accident occurs during the time a person is uninsured, it can lead swiftly to bankruptcy, reports the Oregon Public Broadcasting News. Under-insurance, that is, health insurance which is not sufficient to cover the costs of a major health incident, can also lead to bankruptcy. A study

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