The Assessment Practices And Methods Essay

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2.1 Introduction
This case study investigates the assessment practices and methods, as well as the procedures and policies in place within a Victorian non-government catholic primary school in Australia. It is located among the metropolitan area of Melbourne in the western suburbs. The school has been opened since 2004 and has an enrolment of approximately around three hundred and fifty students. The school emphasizes highly on working together with the whole community to implement positive relationships through effective programs. The school’s main focus is to implement a curriculum that will provide engaging and rich learning experiences to develop the learner’s skills and competencies that are necessary for positive contributions within the society. A junior primary school teacher named Monica of grade one students has been interviewed to gather information on the assessment and reporting practices in her classroom at the school. The teacher has been at the junior primary school with year one students for four years. Eight questions were asked amongst the interview. The questions that were asked related to the school’s assessment and reporting policies that are in place, the methods of assessment tools that are used to evaluate children’s learning, and the purpose of the assessment. The following paragraphs will report and investigate the information that was provided by Monica in relation to assessment and reporting practices among the primary school.
2.2 School
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