The Assessment Team Administrator Should Begin The Process Of Soliciting Evaluation Team Members

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The assessment team administrator should begin the process of soliciting assessment team members. Many organizations solicit members through. Their corporate newsletter, electronic mail, or a personal letter sent from the president/CEO inviting participation. Team members selections should be considered from a group of employees who have expressed an interest in better understanding homeland security and using the Baldrige Criteria as a template for improving their organization’s homeland security infrastructure. Once team members have been selected, it is recommended that an assessment workshop be conducted by the assessment team administrator or team participants who have an understanding of homeland security issues and the Baldrige Criteria. The workshop may include using a case study for the team to practice identifying organizational strengths and opportunities for improvement in at least one or two categories. During the workshop, the team will discuss each category and determine “What does this mean for my organization?” The use of this manual will help the team practice translating homeland security issues and Baldrige Criteria into simple language for their own organization-wide assessment.Assessment team members should represent a cross section of employees. All departments throughout the organization should be represented on the teams. Diversity adds value and strength to each assessment team. In larger organizations, seven homeland security assessment/Baldrige
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