The Assessment Was Done On A Family Of Five

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The assessment was done on a family of five. The father’s initials are K.M., mother’s initials are J.M., oldest son is M.M., middle son is T.M., and youngest daughter is E.M. The father is 29 years old, the mother is 32 years old, the oldest son is 9, the middle son is 4, and the youngest daughter is 8 months old. The mother had the oldest son with a previous marriage, but the child was adopted by her current husband and the previous father of the child has had no contact with child. Technically the family is nontraditional but they appear traditional since the adoption has made it so. They all live together under the same roof. Both parents work full time in and around the community. They like fill their time with hobbies and spending time as a family. The family eats all meals together except during work/school hours. They spend time doing homework and reading together. Due to the business of their schedules, the weekends are mostly spent with each other or extended family members. The father of the family is a self-employed contractor. The mother is a public health worker. Each have several responsibilities outside of the home as well as in the home. The two boys attend school; one attends public school, while the other attends preschool three days a week, and daycare the rest of the time. The youngest girl attends the same daycare 5 days a week all day. None of the children appear to struggle socially or developmentally.
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