The Associate Justice Of The Supreme Court

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The associate Justice of the Supreme Court is Clarence Thomas. Thomas is African American male born in Pin Point, Ga on June 23, 1948. Thomas had an older sister and a younger brother. Thomas father walks out of his life at an early age. His mother eventually sent him and his brother away to live with her parents in Savannah, Ga. Thomas attended the College of Holy Cross and graduated from Yale school of law. Thomas has accomplished many accomplishments in his lifetime, that’s why I find Thomas one of the most influential individuals to serve in the courts. He was nominated by bush to serve a seat on the U.S. court of appeals for the District of Columbia. He was then nominated to fill Marshall’s seat. He was the second black man to serve on the court. He is also a strong believer in the second and tenth amendment. Seeing Thomas reach his goals is amazing and makes it great for other black males like myself to look up to him and know it’s possible for us as well. Thomas was brought up in poverty conditions. He and his siblings stayed in a one bedroom shack. Thomas grew up speaking creole a dialect spoke by African Americans who lives by the coast. In 1964 his grandfather withdrew him from an all black religious high school and was transferred to an all white catholic boarding school. He was faced with lots of racism and disrespect but didn’t let that phase him. He was a star player on the school football team. He all so maintained good grades while in school. Following

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