The Association Between Abuse And Children 's Academic Level Essay

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The Association between Abuse by Parents and Children’s Academic Level
Sydney D. Gore Research Plan 2016

Many children who experience abuse mentally, physically, or sexually tend to have troubles performing academically well in school. Maltreatment was predicted to negatively affect children 's academic and behavioral alteration through the creation of discrepancies in academic engagement, social capabilities, ego resiliency, and ego control (Shonk, S. M., & Cicchetti, D. 2001). My research question is to try and answer whether the association between child abuse by parents is related to the child’s academic performance. Child maltreatment is an important public health problem that affects more than 1 million children in the United States each year (Perzow, S. E. D., Petrenko, C. L. M., Garrido, E. F., Combs, M. D., Culhane, S. E., & Taussig, H. N., 2013). Nearly 5 million calls were made to child welfare agencies throughout the United States in 2000 to report child abuse, and about 2 million of the children discussed about in these calls were tried to be victims of child maltreatment (Crozier, J. C., & Barth, R. P.,2005). Compared to the general these students earn lower grades, have lower levels of overall standardized achievement, are at greater risk for grade repetition, and inexplicably drop out of school (Stone, S., & Zibulsky, J., 2015). Maltreatment is also associated with mental health problems, such as dissociation, that may damage academic
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