The Association Between My Social Work Classes And My Field Experience

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The objective of this composition is to discuss the association between my social work classes and my field experience. An internship is a platform to provide real-world involvement of students in a field or occupation. Classroom lectures that involved lessons and exercises on the social work profession were meaningful to me as a student. They brought insight into policies, laws, research, and methods that I will need to utilize in the social work profession. My field internship at Urban Ministries of Durham (UMD) provides me the opportunity to connect the classroom lectures and real-world involvement in the social work occupation. More so, to discuss the entirety of the connection between my classroom lectures and my internship would be lengthy and difficult to accomplish. However, I will discuss the aspects that were instantly noticeable that would be difficult to notice without the classroom lectures on the social worker occupation. For instance, one thing I learned about social work, I learned from my Intervention Method in the Helping Profession class. In the class taught by Dr. Hodges, I learned about client empowerment. In the book assigned to the class client empowerment is defined as to enhance the capacity, or power, of clients to address their life concerns (Walsh, 2009, p.16). I interpret this concept as a social worker that we are to develop a positive sense self-worth and competence about their life. I observed in my field placement at UMD by addressing
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