The Association Between Poverty, Equity, And Human Rights

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The association between poverty and health outcomes is often overlooked. Attributable to a lack of structure which incorporates equity and human rights under the basic criteria’s of; institutionalizing, strengthening, and extending and implementing equitable health care to ensure adequate health services (Braveman& Gruskin, 2003, p. 539). Strategies focused on identifying the correlation between poverty, equity, and human rights, in connection to health, have been difficult to assess, however, Braveman and Gruskin explore the relationship between these links, which have the potential to act as drivers towards improving health outcomes. This paper will explore the concerns and resolutions proposed by the authors, while reflecting and assessing the relationships between the arguments within a sociocultural and behavioral health perspective. Braveman and Gruskin (2003) begin by recognizing links between poverty and health; placing emphasis on the association between lack of economic resources and how they have potential to lead to ill health, or reciprocally, lead to poverty (p. 539). The Equity framework in relation to health centers on the socially disadvantaged. Focusing on the notion that particular health outcomes are connected to unequal opportunities, among less privileged individuals, within particular social categories (i.e., race, ethnicity, religion, gender) (Braveman& Gruskin, 2003, p. 540). Human rights, the final comparative to health, when violated, limits
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