The Association Between Sleep Quality And Pre Sleep

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Learning and information consolidation not only depends on brain activation but also on sleep to convert the highly plastic, novel information into long-term storage. The research question under investigation is: What is the association between Sleep Quality and Pre-sleep Encoding on Learning and Encoding during Sleep and Successive Performance? This topic is important to study due to the fact that, at the very basic level, sleep is crucial for proper brain functioning; after an influx of highly new events become encoded in the hippocampus, mental performance on following tasks are reduced (Anderson, 2010). Being that sleep deprivation and postponed sleep is a prevalent topic for university student, as students are often low on high-quality sleep, this was an interesting topic to investigate and findings can be extended to benefiting real-life university students.
The two papers being reviewed take differing approaches to examine the research question: Talamini and colleagues (2008) examined how sleep immediately after learning benefited the consolidation of spatial associative memory, while Galambos, Howard and Maggs (2011) investigated the different factors that impact quality of sleep and academic success.
The first paper being analyzed is Sleep Directly Following Learning Benefits Consolidation of Spatial Associative Memory (Talamini et al., 2008) which investigated the effects of sleep directly after learning and the benefits of sleep for consolidation of spatial
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