The Association Of Parent Adolescent Relationships And Adolescent Relationship With Their Peers Essay

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The main focus of this study was to examine the association of parent-adolescent relationships and the adolescent’s relationship with their peers. Previous research has found that parents do play a crucial role in shaping a child’s social skills and in their relationships with peers but this is prior to adolescence. The literature review had found that studies on parental influences through adolescence are not as common and the ones that were available typically only focused on how parents and peers influence social development in their own unique ways. Empirical studies have also displayed the importance of attachment and accepting parenting is for a child’s psychological growth. Since there was not a lot of research available on available on adolescent relationships with their parents and its association with peer relationships, Dekovic and Meeus wanted to dig deeper. They formed a study where they examined the relationship between both parents and adolescences and how that affected the adolescent’s self-concept and their peer relations. They hypothesized that the quality of the parent-adolescent relationship would predict the self-concept of the adolescent. The self-concept of the adolescent would in turn, predict the adolescent’s relationship with their peers. Questionnaires were administered individually to the mothers, fathers and adolescents in their homes. Sample and Measures, Procedure The subjects of this study consisted of 508 families with adolescents, 254…
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