The Assumption on the Topic of White Teeth's Audience

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The Assumption on the Topic of White Teeth's Audience Zadie Smith’s world wasn’t a made up fairyland with an elven language, ethereal metaphors or green setting, no, within her novel, White Teeth, it was a clear reflection of what type of society that she lived in. A society where everything seen can be an interpretation of what society wanted out of you, a false representation that was found in the comfortable ideals of Euro-Centric beauty which were hard to attain yet were so sought out no matter the amount of pain or crippling amount of self-hatred that seems to creep into your life and alter your self perception. This is what Smith explores. Now I may have an unfair insight towards why Smith wrote the types of characters that she did,…show more content…
I wouldn’t have ever guessed from watching Doctor Who! [is that me projecting?]) With London, people really wouldn’t go about associating it as a diverse city; some might even presume England as a bland country made up of White, White British, and White Irish and so on. In actuality 20.9 percent of Londoners are of Asian and mixed-Asian descent, 15.6 percent are of Black and mixed-Black descent, and more than 300 languages are spoken. The theme of racial ties that goes against the notion of uniformity comes into play when Neena, Alsana and Clara are eating lunch in the park and sharing Indian dishes and then are politely intruded upon by the sorta park security guard, I think that part really exuded the diversity going on in a really subtle way. But it wasn’t so back then in 19(year that Archie and Sammad were in the war). Archie was out of his comfort zone. Here is someone who’s used to seeing pale skin, and Archie’s first reaction is to openly stare at Samad, “…the day Archie involuntary forgot that most fundamental principle of English manners. He stared.” Archie then goes on to “most fiercely and resolutely” ignoring Samad. “Samad always addressed Archie as if they were in league together against the rest of the tank. No matter how much Archie

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