The Assyrians and Cyrus Essay

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INTRODUCTION At its height, the ancient Assyrian Empire stretched from the north in the upper Tigris river valley, south to the northern tip of the Persian Gulf including Babylon, along the Mediterranean Sea from Tarsus to Jerusalem and all the way down into Egypt to the city of Thebes. This vast empire took several thousand years to build. Early settlements can be traced back to the northern city of Nineveh around 5000 B.C. The success of this nearly 2000 year empire had a lot to do with the way the rulers divided up the empire into states with local governors; a radical idea during that time. The advances they made in the area of science and architecture were extremely important as well. Unfortunately, the great Assyrian…show more content…
For the most part, these common people felt that their lives improved greatly under Assyrian rule. CONQUERORS The Assyrians were considered brutal conquerors that conducted their wars with shocking ferocity. The leaders of these conquered cities were often interrogated, tortured, mutilated and then finally killed. Everyone seemed to be generally frightened by the Assyrians when they saw them on the horizon. Although their military and usurping tactics were greatly feared, they never conquered a civilization to destroy it. They were in the business of acquiring cultures to enrich their dynasty. They would conquer an area, secure it and start setting up local government. The government would be responsible for re-educating the subjects in their newly acquired heritage. This gave these subjects a sense of belonging and pride. This also allowed for the greatest achievement of the Assyrian Empire; the cultural unification of the Middle East. Not an easy task as can be seen today by the turbulent violence and unrest. The Assyrians were very viscous to any group who revolted and tried to fight against them. There are several horrific stories of piles of bodies being stacked and left to rot at the front gates of the cities that dared to start a revolution. There are even some places where the skins of

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