The Astana Economic Forum

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The Astana Economic Forum was organized by the Eurasian Economic Club of Scientific Association and the Kazakhstani government in an effort to integrate Eurasian countries within the global community and promote international initiatives and economic cooperation. Since its inception in 2008, the annual forum has gathered the world’s leading academic experts, top level government officials and business representatives to discuss current global issues and innovations in various sectors of the global economy. Every year, the forum assesses the current state of the global economy and shifts its focus to contemporary issues in order to present recommendations to world’s major 20 economies at the G-20 summit . In the inaugural forum, economic development was the primary focus with respect to globalization, macroeconomic regulation of the economy and the global competitiveness of Eurasian countries. In the subsequent forums, the themes of discussion included: Eurasian economic security in the system of global risk; crisis lessons and post-crisis model of economic development under conditions of globalization; developing the global economy through the trends of the economy with business and investment, finance and stable social development; the implementation of innovation and the attraction of investment through food security, tourism development and alternative energy. Last year, the main focus of the AEF was ensuring balanced economic growth and sustainability of the global
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