The Astounding and Indisputable Surrounding Scientific Evidence Global Warming

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The topic of global warming is one of great discussion throughout the scientific community. The scientific evidence surrounding the global warming is astounding and undisputable such as the occurrence of heat-sealing carbon dioxide confirmed in the mid-19th century. With increased greenhouse gasses, the earth’s temperature is warming. The earth is also responding to solar outputs seen in ice cores sampled from Greenland, Antarctica. In addition, sea levels are rising rapidly compared to years prior. “Global sea level rose about 17 centimeters (6.7 inches) in the last century. The rate in the last decade, however, is nearly double that of the last century.” (Climate change: How do we know? n.d., para. 6) Not only are ocean levels…show more content…
Global warming has been a long standing scientific argument. As Minnesotans just experienced this past winter, winter can be very real and harsh at times. Following this recent winter, many people dispel the reality of global warming as just a myth simply because of what they have experienced, without looking at the real data, the facts behind the topic. Global warming is also a highly contested topic within our political landscape, dividing parties and raising or losing elections based on climate change. “The source of a climate change message is also very important – if the audience trusts the communicator, they are more likely to trust their arguments.” (Why are people still skeptical about climate change? n.d., para. 10) Some believe climate change can threaten our trade and industry sector, harming our economy as well as international relationships. Alternative reasoning, other than greenhouse emissions, behind the topic of global warming relates to the disparities in the suns reflection reaching the earth as well as fluctuations in the earth’s reflectivity. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (n.d.), prior to human activities, it was believed climate changes were a result in varying of the Earth’s orbit, fluctuations in solar activity as well as volcanic eruptions. (Causes of Climate Change, n.d.) Scientists infer, although these things could have affected

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