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Tasmania, a young supervisor that took over for Casper, commanded a high-energy level, was in great shape and totally motivated all the time. He worked fast and expected everyone to keep pace with him. Although there was some turnover as a result of Casper leaving Tasmania kept the office running at a high level. He understood all that transpired with Casper and was well versed in what to communicate, making sure that no important decisions ever hit Bootlick’s desk. He would thrive in the culture and learn many new skills in a short period of time. Eventually, Tasmania moved on and became a successful general manager in his own right. Unique situations became prevalent during this period for no apparent reason. A tall, slender server…show more content…
The reservation server came running out of the ladies room screaming at the front desk that she had been violated. Upon calming down, she explained a man slid under the door flat on his back and looked up her skirt while she sat on the commode. The perverse man giggled and said everything looks fine slid out and ran away. All the servers from the management staff scurried about the hotel, and a few ran across four lanes of highway trying to catch this bizarre character. Even the police with an artist sketch were unable to catch this backsliding peeper. At the same time, the hotel was in the process of performing what is known in the hotel industry as a PIP. A PIP represents the product improvement plan, which is required by the franchise and most financial institutions. Each phase of the project would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and required a large number of vendors. Elko took responsiblity for obtaining and evaluating all the various bids with a common scope of work for each. Elko’, became entrenched in the culture and even hosted parties at his beachside home for the staff. Not beyond reproach, and obtaining a number of favors from many vendors, his office was scattered with mirrors displaying various brands of beer, and other such giveaways. The free load of sifted loam delivered to his home from the approved landscape vendor was the most outrageous skirting of the rules that Elko engaged in. After presenting the bids for the first
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