The At Hope Gardens Community Center

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I. Identifying Information
Cindy (pseudonym) is an eight-year-old African-American female who has attended the after-school program since May 2016 at Hope Gardens Community Center (HG) in Brooklyn, New York. HG provides after-school programs for pre-K to high school students. Cindy appears to be slightly shorter and skinnier than her peers and always wears a neatly maintained school uniform. She seemed to be quiet but expresses her opinions lucidly. The after-school program teacher mentioned that Cindy is smart and practical, and described Cindy as a “tiny adult.”

II. Presenting Problem and Reason for Referral
The after-school program teacher referred Cindy to art therapy due to her suicidal thoughts and attempts. It is reported that she verbalized a desire to “disappear” and wished she did not “exist.” She scratched her arm to harm herself and threatened to smash her fingers in the door. She is frequently frustrated due to her low performance in, and ability to complete her homework; the teacher also indicated that Cindy demands individual attention. Cindy’s mother mentioned that Cindy is very sensitive and emotional and internalizes conflicts. She has a stubborn attitude, wants to fight with her peers and does not interact with strangers. Cindy has a hard time opening up to anyone. She has no close friends and often expresses feelings that no one cares about her. The art therapy sessions are held every Tuesday from 3:00 to 3:30, and Cindy had so far four sessions in an…
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