The At South Africa, And Present Part Of My Thesis

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During the month of February, I was given the opportunity to go to South Africa, and present part of my thesis in collaboration with another student. This experience was one in a million for me and it was only the second time in my life that I was able to travel to another country. The only other time was for preview, where I went to London. The trip was from February 18th till the 28th we had a lay over there and one on the way back. So, I can also say that I 've been to Germany and France. Majority of the trip consisted in Johannesburg and Bloemfontein. University of the Free-State was the college that we collaborated with. Me and my partner went on the Monday following our landing. The presentation was on youth gangs and children who live within a prison due to the mother being incarcerated. The presentation was open to the college, but mainly those in the discipline of criminal justice attended the presentations. The audience was very enthusiastic, but it seemed more to due with us being tourists than with the actual presentation. All in all five of us presented that Monday, with the rest presenting that Thursday. This unfortunately would not come to be, due to the fact that the university would be closed that following due and for the rest of the week, due to vandalism and protest. The reasoning behind the protesting had no consist reason. Certain students said this, and others believed that it was another reason. So, what did end up happening was the honor
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