The At The American Museum Of Science And Energy Essay

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The field trip to the American Museum of Science and Energy was a real eye opener to me. I enjoyed everything in the museum from the history of Oakridge and the cool science exhibits in the upstairs portion. Even the classroom activities were fun and engaging by showing many examples of the classes they have for elementary school students. I observed so many activities that could be integrated into any subject. One particular activity stood out the most. The Manhattan Project during World War Two was the most interesting. Learning about the Manhattan Project can be a combination of learning social studies concepts but integrating science concepts into to that particular lesson as well. Learning about the history of Oakridge and how people had to give up their land to the federal government could be the social studies portion. Learning about the bomb and how it was made could be part of the science portion of that particular lesson. If I had the opportunity to teach this lesson I would start off talking about the history of Oakridge. Giving examples of how people had to give up their land to the federal government for the war effort. I could paint a picture in students minds on how those people felt during that time. The class as a whole could participate in a reenactment that could portray how people came together during World War Two could also paint a picture in their minds. The building of the atomic bomb could be the science portion. Students would be learning about how
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