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The meeting began with the traditional role call. All six members of the Board of Trustees were present, the mayor, and two additional people who were never introduced also sat at the podium in front of the crowd. A convocation was said by Dickens Arnegie from St. Julian Church in the Village and then the Board and Mayor approved the minutes for the evening. A few awards were given to members of the community. The first was to an Elk Grove Village Police Officer who was being promoted to Sergeant and the others were for the newest member of the K-9 team, for the oldest member who was retiring, and the veterinarian who offers his services for free to the K-9 team at all hours of the day. After the awards were presented, the mayor…show more content…
Along with the overall community report, each member of the board gave a brief description about a meeting or event they attended that month and what happened at the meeting or event. They also gave a report about each of their committees. Here is a list of the Trustees and the committee they reported on: • Nancy J. Czarnik:Parade Committee • Patton L. Feichter: Recycling and Waste Committee • Jeffrey C. Franke: Youth Committee • James P. Petri: Capital Improvements Committee • Samuel L. Lissner: Business Leaders Forum • Christine K. Prochno: Information Committee, no report The Village Manager, who we later find out is one of the two not introduced members sitting on the podium, reports that he has no announcements, except that last meeting someone (the Mayor) brought up El Nino and the town had bad weather because of it. The only other activity of the evening was a gentleman who addressed the board about continuing municipal likeness for his community center. This unit of government is very focused on its people. Every topic discussed is related to their community and how successful community events were or what the meetings mean to the public. This really brings the local government idea to life. The people know their leaders. They can put a face to the name because the members of the Board and the Mayor attend community events. During the meeting the Mayor recognized one of the people in the crowd and said,
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