The At The Conway Office Of Drum

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Scenario Simulation

There has been a substantial fire at the North Conway office of DRUM. It started in one of the hazardous material storage areas of the manufacturing facility at approximately 2 o 'clock this afternoon. The fire required substantial emergency response resources and took approximately 6 hours to bring under control. There were five employee injuries and approximately 40% of the facility has been severely damaged by fire with another 25% of the facility experiencing significant water and smoke damage. 8 hours into the event the emergency response services determined that there was no threat from hazardous materials associated with the fire. Assuming you have been notified of the event as the facility manager 5
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It is from my understanding as well for this scenario, the steps provided in the continuity plan for evacuation has everyone reporting to the 1st floor no matter what. If the situation, fire, hazmat spill, or anything else is on the first floor, then where are the personnel to evacuate to then? There should not be a designated evacuation point inside the facility. Each individual office EW should have a designated spot outside of the facility to report to for accountability. This would prevent personnel from entering into a hazard that has occurred. There should be primary and alternate directions of travel for the personnel to get to the designated location, and a primary and alternate designated location. The EW should designate a person to take the accountability; at that time the EW can contact the Operational Emergency Management Teams (OEMT’s) while everyone else waits for further instructions. The OEMT should also have an alternate designated location if the 1st floor is unavailable or could be in the affected cordoned area. These steps should be just for short term actions. For long term actions, there should be coordination with nearby facilities to conduct business. It would seem awfully expensive to send mission critical personnel to complete business overseas when a closer facility could be utilized for a few months. What is to be done
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