The At The Nursery Gates

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I arrived at the nursery gates after rushing out of tutor group session, I knew I was late. I rang the door bell waiting patiently for someone to answer the telecom, the door was unlocked and I made my way to the reception. The deputy manager did inform me that she will not be in and I will have to speak to the manager instead so they were expecting me. I was greeted by the nursery manager, I introduced myself and informed her what I was here to do. Already I was excited because I had been looking forward to this task. I was then asked ‘who’s room will I be carrying out the observation’ and I had the staff board located in the hall way entrance of the reception and mentioned on of the staff members names that sounded like the name that was mention by the deputy manager. I was then escorted to the room and introduced to the member of staff. I was confused, I had walked into a room with 2-3 year olds and I remember I was told that I would not be observing that group because it is not fair o them and the observer. I was left with the staff member and I took out my diary where I remember logging the name of the nursery nurse and I was then escorted to the room where I carried out the observation. I was then escorted to the room where I will be conducting the observation. I walked into a large play room and I was greeted by two nursery nurses (which I will be calling Black and Blue). It was a very colorful room with large windows filled with toys, four cots situated in the
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