The At University Family Nurse Practitioner Program For Fall 2016

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I am writing to express my interest in admittance to the South University Family Nurse Practitioner program for fall of 2016. This program came highly recommended to me by a professional colleague who is currently precepting students enrolled in this program. I have been a registered nurse for eleven years and have recently received my bachelor’s degree in nursing from Daytona State College _______. I have earned an extensive amount of experience in several different fields of nursing such as, emergency medicine, intensive care, pediatrics, woman’s health, and mental health. I am eager to incorporate my experience into a practitioner role of diagnosing and disease process. In the program, I anticipate learning new theories and concepts as it pertains to the role of the ARNP while incorporating other health care professionals in delivering optimal patient centered care. It is paramount for ARNP’s to expand on theories and current bodies of research to be able to deliver optimal health care to their patients while addressing their unique health concerns. Incorporating evidence based practice into the clinical setting provides new researched treatment modalities and possible flexibility in treatment while also helping to contribute in setting quality control measurements. ARNPs can play a pivotal role in not only in outlining care for individual patients but also in promoting ideas or public health directives that can help decrease the incidences of diseases out in
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