The Athen Civilization Of Ancient Greek Culture

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The Athen Civilization was one of the greatest examples of what a flourishing city-state could be. During the Golden Age, Greek civilization was destroyed by an enemy of the city the Persians. At that time, the people of ancient Greece produced amazing architecture. The Parthenon was one of many amazing things created by ancient Greeks. This building was constructed to be a grand symbol of Athens. This building and the surrounding architecture stood for the representation of Greek culture. Some ancient Greek values, beliefs, and skills that are represented by the Parthenon are the belief in being strong, having the most beautiful and grandest architecture and, having the most logical philosophy.
Many Greek people valued strength and believed that it was the most important virtue of all. According to the article Athens was determined to be the most powerful, so for them to do that they decided to organize campaigns. In these campaigns they decided that building a grand building was the way to go; and in these buildings they would place grand statues. The Parthenon building was filled with statues one of them being of the greek goddess Athena. Athena was made of ivory and covered in gold; she also is depicted as having a spear and a shield in her hand. The sculptor created her this way to show that one of the main virtues was to be strong, and protect the city. The statue of Athena representing strength, was accompanied by a very strong military to protect the great structure
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