The Athena Scholarship Will Bring Me Closer to My Goals

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It is an honor to apply for the Athena Scholarship. I am presently enrolled in the Biology/Biotechnology Honors program in the University of Windsor. I hope to become a medical doctor. I strongly believe that my career of choice will enable e to fulfill my desire to help others. My participation in various extracurricular activities and invaluable volunteer experience has constantly shaped the way I view people and the environment around me. My academic life is no exception; my mantra in any learning situation I find myself is to strive for academic excellence and push boundaries. Next to God and my family, my education has always been the most important thing in my life. Early on in life, my dad instilled in me the importance of have a well-rounded education. He rang in my ears and that of my brother how lucky we were to go to school and how every learning situation should be maximized. Growing up from a poor family, he understood the importance of a good education more than we ever could. By the time I was in elementary school I realized that I had a knack for the sciences and also discovered something that would change me for a very long time. I realized that babies didn’t come from the sky but through the mom’s belly. It was the most amazing thing I ever learned in all of my childhood years. This was when I unconsciously made a decision to study biology and to understand all of life’s “magic”. Over the years, my love and respect for biology never weathered and I made up

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