The Athenian Army And Athenian Democratic Society

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Part 3 1) The Athenian Army The purpose of the Athenian army was to was to secure Athenian democratic society. The army fought battles against other Greek states and foreign states most often against oligarchies and aristocracies. The army was managed by a polemarch (senior military title), along with ten generals from the ten tribes of Athens. The largest component of the army was the infantry composed of hoplites (citizens fighting in a full set of armour). They went into battle protected by a helmet, breastplate, and greaves (shin guards), carrying a large round shield and long spear. The state would sometimes issue such equipment to citizens who could not afford a set of their own. The Athenian army was primarily male citizens, who were made to enlist at the beginning of the year following their 18th birthdays. For two years, new “cadets” (known as ephebes) trained full time. After training, they rejoined public life, though they were committed to the army for 40 years. At any time, they could be called to duty to defend Athens.The people elect two athletic trainers and instructors for them, to teach them their drill as heavy-armed soldiers and to use the bow, javelin, and sling. Richer Athenians enrolled in the cavalry, as always, a smaller elite military force made up of those wealthy enough to own and maintain a good mount.The state would call upon an inspection and registration of all of the horses on an annual basis, so that the owner could draw a maintenance
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