The Athenian War: The Big War

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The Big war the war started in Feb.11,2006 and ended Jan.31,2056 it was a war that lasted 50 years,it was the spartan military vs the Athenian army,Athena was with the Athenian army and Ares was on the Spartan military.The war started when ares got extremely anxious for war and messed with Athena, Athena agreed to the war and gathered an army as ares was off to do the same. Athena talked Athens into war, Athena and took three days to gather her army, Athena used her time gathering, training, and discussing their war plan. After those three days they met on the battlefield,Athena where were you been i was gathering an army and using my time wisely ha this is gonna be easy. you think wrong Ares said Athena let's see for ourselves.
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