The Athletes And Professional Athletes

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In a similar qualitative study, Marks (2014) examined the experiences of six former NCAA, Division 1 and Division III athletes who were forced to retire because of injury. Participants were required to complete a questionnaire that asked for demographics including gender, ethnicity, sport played, nature of injury, and when the injury took place (Marks, 2014). Following the questionnaire, the athletes completed an interview with the researcher. Topics covered in the interview included information about the athlete’s career, information about experiencing the injury, coping strategies used after the injury, and thoughts and feelings after learning the injury was career-ending (Marks, 2014). The reactions of the athletes in this study were consistent with the reactions of athletes in the previously discussed studies. One athlete felt disappointed while watching his teammates being drafted at the same time he was supposed to be drafted (Marks, 2014). Another athlete expressed feelings of depression, as he attempted to come back his senior year, but could not physically sustain the demands of the sport (Marks, 2014). Although Marks (2014) only obtained six participants for her study, she provided results that were consistent with that of Sparks (1998), and Heird and Steinfeldt (2013). Moreover, each of the three previously discussed studies were based off of athletes who were forced into retirement. Therefore, it is imperative to examine the specific transition effects

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