The Athletes Of The Athletic Department

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While only one of the women I worked with this semester is graduating, I know that other female athletes within the athletic department have and are carrying on the leadership skills they learned because of athletics. For the sake of privacy, some names have been changed. One student, Beatrice Manuel, was a successful student-athlete here at Ohio that is graduating with me next week. Over the course of four years, she learned key leadership skills such as how to lead a team and work with them, resilience, goal-setting, how to work under pressure and how to adapt to numerous situations. Because of her hard work and the key skills she learned, Beatrice is will be attending vet school this coming fall. Other female athletes in the athletic department are going on to obtain their masters degrees, or are obtaining jobs in leadership and management positions. In our athletic department, I know of one person who was formerly a student-athlete herself. I wrote many journals about Jenny, the football coordinator in Ohio’s athletic department. She played soccer collegiately and I see the skills she learned put to use everyday. She leads the entire football, and plans their academic schedules, as well as advises them and hosts weekly meetings. There is never less than three athletes in Jenny’s office or waiting to meet with her. She works under pressure, knowing that it is her responsibility to guide almost one hundred football players to graduation. Time management also comes very
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