The Athletes Should Not Be Banned

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A cheerleader is a person who encourages other people to support something. An athlete is someone who participates in physical exercise or sports. There are roughly 400,000 high school cheerleaders in America whose talent and hard work is overlooked every day. Deford claims, “They exercise, they get scores, they’re athletes.” Cheerleaders should be considered athletes because they are dedicated and spend multiple hours a week practicing and training to become better just like any other athlete participating in any other sport. To begin, there are many more activities that are considered sports besides the most common like basketball, football, or baseball. “The sports that most people have their doubts about are the ones where the…show more content…
Furthermore, there are two types of cheerleading: sideline and competition. “Competing as a cheerleader is really challenging, athletic, and so much fun”(“What is competitive cheerleading”). Just like any other athlete participating in a sport, cheerleaders are faced with challenges. They work hard to push through the challenging stunts, dance motions, and tumbling sequences just as a basketball players work hard to remember many plays and drill sequences. “At a typical cheerleading competition, teams perform a 2 and a half minute routine with music that includes stunts, jumps, and tumbling”(“What is competitive cheerleading”). Cheerleaders spend multiple hours a week practicing in order to perfect their routine. Athletes spend countless hours memorizing plays, therefore, dance sequences are to cheerleaders as plays are to athletes. Being a member of a competition cheer squad takes time, dedication, and hard work. Continuing, cheerleading is not only a sport for females. “It may be hard for many people to believe, but males are actually known as the founders of cheerleading,” writes Bluestein, “men who were eager to cheer for their team while watching the game created this sport.” Even though many males do not consider cheerleaders athletes, they are the ones who invented it. Cheerleading is not all about wearing a skirt and shaking pom-poms, it is about encouraging others to succeed in the
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