The Athletes Use Nutritional Supplements Essay

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Most athletes use nutritional supplements, also known as ergogenic aids, in hopes to better their athletic performance. There is a wide variety of nutritional supplements that people take to see improvements. Some ergogenic aids that are most commonly used are beta-alanine, caffeine, creatine, pyruvate, and many more. The one we will focus on for this paper is creatine. Ergogenic aids are substances or techniques that are used to enhance performance, increase lean body mass or muscle mass (Maughan, “Nutritional Ergogenic Aids and Exercise Performance”). Ergogenic aids are a commonly used to enhance sports performance in athletes. In 1996, it was found that around fifty percent of the population used some kind of supplement. This study also found that seventy-six to one-hundred percent of athletes were using an ergogenic aid (Ahrendt, “Ergogenic Aids: Counseling the Athlete”). These statistics were high twenty years ago, it can be assumed that now, there is likely to be a much higher percentage of people using ergogenic aids to enhance performance.
Ergogenic aids have been found to assist athletes three different ways. Athletes who actively use these aids may directly influence the physiological capacity of the body system which then improves performance, aids may also remove any psychological constraints which would impact performance and they have been said to increase the speed of recovery from both training and competition. Ergogenic aids are not just supplements,
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