The Athletic Advantage in a College Education

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Attending college is not only a chance for students to further their education, but it also allows them to experience the lessons life has to offer. One of the hardest lessons to learn is how unfair life can be. Students who work diligently to achieve academic success in the classroom may quickly realize their academic efforts do not “pay off” as much as the student-athlete who possesses the ability to kick a football fifty yards. There is an evident failure in the educational system when the student-athlete’s performance and how they contribute to a winning season, is more valuable to the university, than the academic student who strives to graduate with honors. Students who focus their efforts on an academic based education are not…show more content…
In contrast, they suggest the burden lies on the faculty. In order to fulfill the student-athlete’s special needs, they must extend deadlines, create make-up work, and conform to the infamous “special privilege” stigma surrounding athletes today (Jensen et al.). Many researchers believe million dollar coaching salaries and the commercialization of college athletics are destroying undergraduate education (Finn). The Knight Commission is a research group who unveiled that many universities spend over $100,000 annually, per athlete, to provide support services and special arrangements for them (Finn). This does not include what is already being spent on housing, food, and tuition (Finn). Those who oppose this frivolous spending, see it far more important to invest in the education of our students, rather than investing in a win for the athletic department. Some people will continue to profess that our society needs to be geared towards entertainment. However, the primary purpose of attending college should be to obtain an education, and that is being lost along the way. We need to take a moment to reflect on the decisions we make as a society. When the locker room is nicer than the entire medical department, or the head football coach is paid more than the governor of the state, it should be evident and clear that a major problem exists in the university’s policies and priorities. Having said this, it is illogical to think that athletics should be
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