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“The Atkins Diet” a high-protein, high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet was introduced in 1972 by Dr. Robert C. Atkins. Dr. Atkins believed that diets high in sugar cause the pancreas to produce the hormone insulin which then causes the body to store calories as fat. He then came up with the idea that if we consume fewer carbohydrates, then our bodies would produce less insulin and start using our stored fat for energy and the outcome would be weight loss. (1) “The Atkins Diet” has four phases. The first phase lasts for two weeks and is called the “Induction Phase“. In this phase the dieter is to severely restrict their carbohydrate intake. This is required to put the body into ketosis, which is when the body starts…show more content…
This phase is started when dieters reach their weight loss goal. Dieters are allowed to eat more carbohydrates, but only enough that will not cause them to gain weight. Bread and starchy foods will always be severely restricted. This phase is meant to last a lifetime and Dr. Atkins claims eating like this causes people to become a lot healthier and cut their chances of chronic diseases. (2) Certain types of foods are permitted while on “The Atkins Diet“. Most protein foods that have little to no carbohydrates are allowed such as, meat, seafood, and eggs. Cheese is allowed but the dieter needs to read the food labels to make sure they do not contain a lot of carbohydrates. Fats and oils are recommended but the dieter needs to make sure they do not include any that contain Tran’s fats. Virgin or extra-virgin olive oil is highly recommended. For frying purposes, the dieter should use canola, peanut and grape seed oil. Cold water fish is advised as a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids. Mayonnaise and butter are allowed and when using salad dressing the dieter needs to watch out for added sugars. For beverages “The Atkins Diet” suggests drinking mostly water but diet sodas are allowed. When needing a sweetener Atkins recommends Splenda. (3) “The Atkins Diet” has many foods that are prohibited. Since the diet restricts almost all carbohydrates, the dieter

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