The Atlanta Children 's Hospital

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The Seattle Children 's Hospital has received magnet designation by the American Nurses Credentialing Center which they are the only children’s hospital in the Northwest to receive this recognition. They also received the Beacon Award for Excellence in their Pediatric Intensive Care Unit for their supportive, positive work environment and effective communication between staff for high quality care. They were ranked number six in the country for having high quality care for a children hospital. They also got cited for being a great place to work for having a great benefits package, an uplifting environment to work in, they recognize when an employee does a great job and their ability to develop their employees professionally by offering continued education (Seattle, 2016).
Next regulations in healthcare affect the Seattle Children 's Hospital like they affect all organizations. The regulations found in health care are ensuring the physicians and staff are regulated to ensure high quality of is provided to patients. Next is ensuring the financial regulations for a health care organization is met. Next are the regulations that revolve around medications and all health care products. The health care organization also has to ensure the regulations for public health is met and the relationship between business associates meet regulation specifics. Last the health care organization needs to ensure that regulation for the funding for research is met. The purpose for all
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