The Atlantic Slave Trade ( 1441 A.d )

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The Atlantic slave trade (1441 A.D.) refers to the transportation of black Africans from their homelands to the New World (James 1). It is estimated that all together approximately 12 million Africans were transported by force from Africa to the Americas (James 1-4). Even though many people pointed out the immorality and the cruelty of slavery, very few could afford to renounce it as a social institution. Slavery was an inseparable part of 17th-18th century world economy (James 1-4). The Atlantic slave trade was very important for the 18th century world economy because it was one of the three elements of a so-called triangle of trade. There was a three-way exchange between America, Europe, and Africa. European traders would ship textiles, muskets, and manufactured merchandize to Africa and exchange it for slaves. Then they would take slaves to the Americas and exchange them for cotton and tobacco. Finally, they would sail home to Europe where they would exchange American goods for more arms, and manufactured goods (James 1-4). On each side of the triangular trade, ships made huge profits. Plus, they provided the necessary merchandise to conquer and develop both the African continent and the Americas (James in Class Presentation). Thus, the Atlantic slave trade was vitally important to the 18th century economy.
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