The Atlantic Slave Trade

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The Atlantic Slave Trade Once the Americas had been colonized by the Europeans, the will of the Europeans to do laborious work significantly decreased, and the native Americans could no longer be forced to work due to their being converted to Christianity.There was still a very high demand for precious metals and other goods, and no workers willing to supply consumers with these goods. So, in order to produce goods for consumers, African people were brought to America against their will to do this laborious work as slaves. The circumstances that the African people faced were horrifying. The absence of humanitarian concerns made it so that the African people were treated more like animals than actual people. When the Africans were initially captured, most were young children at play with their friends. They were brutally snatched by the Europeans and taken on day long journeys to the coast where they would board the ships. When they made it to the coast, they were often put into a prison where they would be held until it was time to board. None of the African people knew what was happening, making this experience all the more terrifying. Offobah Cugoano describes the scene of his people being packed onto the ship, saying that “ was a most horrible scene; there was nothing to be heard of but the rattling of chains, smacking of whips, and the groans and cries of our fellow-men. Some would not stir from the ground, when they were lashed and beat in the most horrible

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