The Atlantic Slave Trade Movement

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The Atlantic Slave trade helped many African Americans transport across the Atlantic Ocean. Many slaves went through different experiences as they migrated from the Atlantic Ocean to America. Slavery and Slave Trade occurred in variety of cultures for over thousand of years. In West Africa, slave trade was much more common. It involved majority women and children that became servants only in Asia and North Africa. By the time Spain joined Portugal, the Atlantic slave trade expanded a there was a new form of slavery that was judged upon race. Those who were slaves and served most of their time as agriculture laborers, working on a farm, were men and young boys. There were diseases and other health issues that caused a huge amount of slaves to decrease in numbers due to sicknesses. When ever there was issues regarding slaves the Europeans decided to depend those of the Atlantic Slave trade to cover for them or replace them due to their sources of labor. The Atlantic Slave Trade was took over by Spain and Portugal and shipped more than two thousand Africans yearly to American colonies. There were other countries such as England and France that would fight to have more control over the Atlantic slave trade. Once the English went through different processing’s such as fighting in wars and winning those wars, they grew into having much more control over the slave trade. With the different cash crops England’s invested in, tobaccos and sugars, it helped a lot during the slave
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