The Atmosphere Of Business Recruiting

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American businesses are global even though the owners and managers sometimes can’t comprehend this concept. Most of these organizations have never left the country or even the state. Citizens of many foreign countries have arrived in America to work for these organizations and the recruitment of these cultures should drive companies to look at the method for hiring. The workers are willing and able, so the businesses need to be prepared. The atmosphere of business recruiting is now conducted at a rapid speed due to the need. Recruiting a competent and skilled staff is most important is today’s competitive market. According to the Center for American Progress, an educational institute dedicated to improving the lives of Americans through progressive ideal and action, an inclusive workforce that brings together a vast array of experiences and backgrounds breeds greater creativity innovation, and productivity (Editors n.d.). It is recognized as one of the most important missions of the manager. No longer can a company just write an ad, place it in the local paper and wait as hundreds of capable candidates flood the doors. Without a great staff, there is no great business. Recruiting diversity should be the basis of any current business in today’s market. This paper will discuss recruiting for the cultures and hiring for diversity. Recruitment of the Cultures According to a study published in 2003 by CREATE, an independent research center, a more diverse workforce improves
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