The Atmosphere and International Environmental Law Essay

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In the past few decades the climate of our planet has been stressed by increasing energy demands that have arisen, because of the global population explosion and the expansion of industry. It is our objective to increase awareness about the international laws and regulations regarding the atmosphere. We can achieve this goal by:

- Mapping and understanding of: the relationships between atmospheric laws, and the relationships between the most prominent atmospheric treaties.

- Presenting the future, which involves a rise in global temperatures and the consequences of this change.

- Discussing the position of developing states, which requires an understanding that: developing states wish to be involved in climate
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The International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling started protection of the global commons.

The Atmosphere was the last biome to be addressed in International Environmental law. In was first addressed internationally in the International Court of Justice (IJC) Trail Smelter Case between the United States and Canada. This case was instrumental to International Environmental Law in that it created a principle that a state is responsible for environmental damages to foreign countries caused by activities with in its borders.

The United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) organized the 1972 UN Stockholm conference on the Human Environment. This Conference is considered to be the start of modern International Law because at the Stockholm conference the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) was created.

In 1972 the world population was 3.84 billion and 72 percent lived in developing countries(Schoon 1). There were 200 million cars, but almost all of them were in developed countries(Schoon 1). The annual release of carbon dioxide was at sixteen billion tons, and the ambient level of carbon in the atmosphere was 327 parts per million(Schoon 2). In 1975 chlorine (CFC’s) were measured at a level of 1.4 parts per billion, and there
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